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When Reliance on Computer Technology Stops IT & Computer Science Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was on:When Reliance on Computer Technology Stops and the effect to the world.


When Reliance on Computer Technology Stops
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When Reliance on Computer Technology Stops
When computers were first invented, their uses were basic and traditional. These included the simplistic input, storage, processing, and output of data for various purposes (Toyama, 2015). Recurrent innovations and reinventions led to the broadening of these functions to make computers indispensable devices in the lives of humans. Today, computer technology drives major processes in business, education, entertainment, medicine, communications, employment, administration, and the provision of security (Guzdial, 2016). If the use of computer aided technology were to stop suddenly, most of these sectors would come to a standstill with many individuals losing their lives and property of unimaginable value being destroyed. 

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