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Advocate for Exclusionary Rule to be Preserved (Essay Sample)


The exclusionary rule states that evidence that was gathered using unconstitutional means should not be included in a court of law in the united states. The Essay prompt asks if the exclusionary rule should be preserved and the essay gives three reasons why the rule is needed. These reasons include finding the truth, upholding judicial integrity, and deterring police misconduct


Advocate for Exclusionary Rule to be Preserved
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Advocate for Exclusionary Rule to be Preserved
The exclusionary rule does prevent the government of the United States from using evidence that has been gathered in violation of the US constitution (Turner & Weigend, 2019). This rule applies right to evidence that has been gained from an unreasonable search or seizure right in violation of the fourth amendment (Bernadi, 1980). Therefore, every legal system recognizes exclusionary rules right as a reaction to, particularly serious violations. Although the exclusion rule seeks to exclude the evidence illegally obtained, it does this for legal reasons (Turner & Weigend, 2019). Three of the aforementioned reasons are finding the truth, upholding judicial integrity, and deterring the misconduct of the police.

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