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The Separation of Church and the State (Essay Sample)


Instruction: Dear Writer, Please write a discussion answering the following question. Explain how the current Supreme Court has reversed previous precedents of separation of church and state, as guaranteed in the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. How does the separation of church and state affect the ethical decision-making of educational leaders? Please write an introduction, a main section of the discussion and a conclusion. 7 references APA 7 2.0 space 12 size Time new roman. Do Not use Not dated references you are free to use references older than 3 years Introduction around 150 words No references here. Main section around 750 words all references here. Concussion around 200 words No references here References 7 ,4 peer reviewed


Separation of Church and the State
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Separation of Church and the State
America has been experiencing robust growth in religious beliefs recently, compared to other centuries in history. This growth is attributable to the continued increase in the number of immigrants who come to the US bringing new and varying religious traditions. Most Americans profess their faith in God, and therefore religion continues to strongly influence the public policy, culture, and politics in America. America is one of the few countries whose governments have been opposed to endorsing or supporting any religion since 1971. Before this time, most Americans adhered to the establishment clause without much objection. However, from 1971 to date, most Americans and foreign observers have raised questions concerning why the American government would separate itself from the church despite the increasing number of believers.Separation of the church from the state negatively impacts the morals and ethics of educational leaders because the existing laws compel them to act contrary to their conscience.

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