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Animal science question: Agroterrosism (Essay Sample)


Task: Animal science question: Agroterrosism The sample is about Animal science question: Agroterrosism


Animal science question: Agroterrosism
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The 9/11 attacks that caused havoc and shook the whole world created a great concern over all forms of terrorism including agroterrosism. According to Bumann (2009) agroterrorism is a form of bioterrorism that involves the deliberate use of biological agents as weapons for fighting a nation’s agricultural sector. The intention of this act is to destabilize economy and create fear and hardship. Most countries around the world use this method to weaken the economy of their enemies, as well as in softening their resolution.
It is clear therefore that we should be concerned about agroterrorism, because widespread attacks will affect all of us, irrespective of where we live or work. The likely scenario in the event of agroterrorism will be traveling restrictions on both humans and animals (Bumann, 2009). Besides, there will be massive destruction of crops and herds in the areas that have been affected. Consequently, the impact on banks, houses, and transport industry will be very devastating. The farm animals will not only be affected, but as well the innocent household pets and wild animals.
Various countries have been using the biological warfare weapons against their perceived enemies for a very long time, and therefore, it is not something new in this 21st century. In 1969, the U.S military used this strategy in the food supply of its enemy (Bumann, 2009). The U.S military attacked the areas considered hotspots and within a short period the impact was devastating to the enemy, because large number of animals were affected causing many firms to close down their operation, and workers lost their jobs, hence weakening the strength of the enemy. One of the major diseases that are used as weapon for agroterrorism is foot and mouth disease, which spreads very fast and can cost lives of a large number of livestock within a very short time.
In conclusion, people and governments at l...
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