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Comparison between common law and code law with a selection of country (Essay Sample)


the task involved making a comparison between common law and code law with a selection of a country as an example of each


Common Law versus Code Law
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Common Law versus Code Law
The legal environment of a country is set by the type of law practiced with different countries embracing varied systems guiding legal adjudication. The basic difference in application is evident by the laws practiced based on a comparison between Germany and the United Kingdom. The former relies on code law in which instruments such as German Codes are emphasized with a judicial system that rules on the same basis. The UK on the other hand is a proponent of common law embracing it in the country’s jurisdiction. A comparison between the two forms of law practiced in Germany and the UK are discussed below:
The two forms of law are distinguished by the role and position assumed by the judges. In the code law applied by Germany, an inquisitorial system of legal formation is applied in which the judges play an active role in the investigation of the cases (Justice, 2017). Under this system, the court is involved in the investigations on the matters of the case providing for a thorough assessment of the facts presented before the court prior to judgement. 

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