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Case Law Analysis-tort Laws Law Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


the paper was about a case study on tort laws


Case law –Tort laws.
The parties involved in this case are Vyas M.D who is the accused and the plaintiff, Donna Moline.
A case was taken to court by a complainant on 30/10/200. She complained of medical unethical conduct done by the defendant. The accused was set for trial on 24/01/2005. However the case was dismissed by the plaintiff at the final pre hearing day on 18/01/2005. The accused was also summoned to pay $50, witnesses and videographer by the court. An order was also given by the court that there should be another date scheduled for the hearing of the costs that had been declined by the complainant.
On January 26, 2005, a motion was filed by the defendant to approve the payable costs. These included $50 appearance fee, two doctors who gave their testimony as witnesses during the trial each to be given $43.50, $750 professionalism cost given to Dr. Deborah Lightner for having attested the evidence, $171 to cater for evidence deposition by the videographer, and $288.60 for the deposition of the evidence by court reporter. With exclusion of the cost for appearance, complainant declined all the above costs.

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