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Numeric Minority and Under-represented Groups. Law Essay (Essay Sample)


Representation Reflection
Choose option 1 or option 2 (you do not need to complete both).
Keep in mind that I am a WHITE MALE so I am NOT a numerical minority in the USA so it may be better to pick option 2 than option 1.
Option 1: What is one characteristic of yours that puts you in the numeric minority or that, were
you to change this characteristic of yours, it would put you in the numeric minority? Either way,
imagine that you are in the numeric minority. Moreover, imagine that your group will be in the
numeric minority year in and year out and that your group will never be able to win the elections
needed to rule the country. What do you do? How does this shape your life, your politics, and
your thinking about public policymaking?
Option 2: Imagine that you are in the numeric minority and that your numeric minority group is
also an under-represented group whose members have not historically had the same rights and
opportunities as others. For some students, this is your actual experience and for some students, I
am asking you to imagine that it is your experience. How does simultaneously being in the
numeric minority and being a part of an under-represented group shape your life, your politics,
and your thinking about public policymaking? Does your answer change if you are in the
numeric majority but still a part of an under-represented group?
PLEASE let me know if you have any questions. Thanks


Numeric Minority and Under-represented Groups
Student’s Name
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Numeric Minority and Under-represented Groups
Belonging to a numeric minority and also an under-represented group entails a different socioeconomic status (SES) to the rest of the population. Besides income, SES also constitutes other subjective perceptions of social class, such as the level of education and financial security (Wilkes & Wu, 2018). As the outnumbered, the most significant impact is the limited opportunities and privileges that determine the quality of life freely offered to other persons within the community. Poverty, although not a single factor, results from the oppression by the majority, and it also affects the physical and psychological health.
The life of the under-privileged revolves around fighting for the right to access fundamental rights such as proper housing, water, primary healthcare, and quality education (Wilkes & Wu, 2018). While the majority groups can acquire all the necessities of existence, their counterparts have to find ways of fighting to live decently. Although the minority also have elected leaders, they cannot enforce change because they do not have the numbers. The citizens’ only choice is to navigate through the system, knowing that the only means to education, and a decent experience is through civil rights actions.

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