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Assignment One: Restorative Justice Process. Law Essay (Essay Sample)


the instruction requires highlighting restorative justice and its role in reconciliation
the sample provides the importance of the restorative justice process and confidence in the justice system of the united states


Assignment One: Restorative Justice Process
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Restorative Justice Process
Restorative justice is a process or an approach in which a meeting is organized between victims and offenders of crime in the presence of representatives from the community. The significant goal is to interact and tell what happened, who got injured or was victimized in the crime, and finding the best solution of consensus for what the offenders may be willing to do to repair or mend up the broken gaps after committing the crimes. Payment could be involved, apologies, together with other amends, or a combination of both money and apologies. The aim is to compensate the people who became victims of a particular crime and also restrict or act as a warning to the offender not to repeat the offenses in the future. The restorative justice system was started to respond to the failings of the old, traditional way that never considered restoring offenders back to the community (Richards, 2014). It is a natural way of promoting unity, peace, and trust progressively in society.

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