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Lisa Steinberg’s Case Review Law Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


iTS a case brief about Lisa Steinberg’s Case


Lisa Steinberg’s Case Review
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Lisa Steinberg’s Case Review
Lisa Steinberg sustained injuries that led to her death, and they were caused by her father, Joel Steinberg. Joel Steinberg, a criminal defense attorney and his partner Hedda Nussbaum, an associate editor of children’s books had adopted Lisa illegally after she was born. Joel was said to be a millionaire, and they had also adopted a boy named Mitchell. The family lived at Greenwich Village apartment located in New York City where Lisa spent her six yearsin pain and suffering from child abuse, and the couple did not care about the wellbeing of the two children (Wise, 1999).
According to the statement that Hedda recorded, Lisa wanted to tag along with his father Joel for dinner, but he did not want to take her (Wise, 1999). Before leaving the apartment, Joel Steinberg injured Lisa on the head that made her unconscious. Instead of calling for help Hedda opted to wait for her husband to return to the apartment so that he could wake up Lisa. Upon Joel’s return, Hedda did not call the police instead they started smoking cocaine. Later on, she informed the police that Lisa had choked on food. In addition, Lisa’s body had bruises on it, and instead of Hedda telling the cops they were as a result of child abuse, she said that Lisa had occasionally been falling on her roller skates. The cause of death was confirmed by various medical practitioners, among them Dr. Aglae Charlot, a medical examiner at St. Vincent’s hospital who performed Lisa’s autopsy and stated that Lisa died from blunt trauma as a result of homicide (Wise, 1999).

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