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Case brief: Oliver v. NCAA Erie County Court of Common Pleas, State of Ohio (Essay Sample)


Analysis of a court case to a case brief


SFM 6610
Oliver v. NCAA
Erie County Court of Common Pleas, State of Ohio
920 N.E.2d 203 (2009)
Key Facts
Oliver was the pitcher for Vermillion high school’s baseball team, Ohio. Before he graduated, he and his family still had the Barattas , and Icon Sports Group as their lawyers. Oliver, his father together with the lawyer Tim Baratta, met twins team Minnesota, major league baseball team representatives at their home. Oliver was offered $390, 000 by the team. Oliver however, declined the offer after urging by his father and instead went on a full scholarship to Oklahoma State University.
The Barratas had never sent Oliver any invoices requesting for pay for the legal services rendered. Oliver received an invoice of $113,750 from lawyers for the service offered. The lawyers also emailed NCAA about the meeting between the Minnessota club and Oliver that was held in his home. Oliver was handed an indefinite suspension for breaking the rules.
Oliver filed a case against his suspension by the NCAA had given him, seeking a reinstatement of his eligibility to play. His request was granted by the court. The college further directly to NCAA to allow Oliver to play by restoring his eligibility.

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