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Police brutality towards African-Americans. Law Essay (Essay Sample)


based on the authority and the fairness of moral foundations. analyze the issue of police brutality towards African-Americans.
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Police Brutality towards African-Americans
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Regarding police brutality against African-Americans, I chose the authority and the fairness of moral foundations. Authority is a moral foundation that allows a person to submit to a certain tradition or leadership. Such means that African-Americans are obligated to follow the rules of maintaining law and order set in the country. Failure to this, then they would face the consequences. However, there has been a trend whereby the police do not accord the African Americans equal rights as compared to the Native Americans. This means that in such situations, the police do not act based on what the authorities would expect them to do. The police are under strict rules of maintaining law and order regardless of the nature of the lawbreakers that they deal with. They should treat them equally. As well, fairness as a moral foundation to police brutality against African-Americans in the fact that it requires people to offer justice under shared rules and regulations (Carbado & Rock, 2016). 

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