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Bill of Rights (Essay Sample)


Compare a right in USA constitution versus how its applied in other nations


Running head: Bill of Rights in USA
Bill of Rights in USA
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Date: 30th April, 2021
The Bill of Rights is a collection of individual rights and liberties as well as limits imposed on government against infringing such rights. The rights are in form of amendments done to the United States Constitution. The first of 10 such amendments were adopted in 1791, December 15. The Bill of rights is a product of the Magna Carta of 1215, English Bill of rights of 1689 and Declaration of rights in Virginia in the year 1776 among other documentations are paramount forerunners of the US Bill of rights (Darnell, 2017). In this essay, we will discuss the bill of rights contained in the amendments, the right to bear firearm as the selected second amendment and compare it with similar right in Canada to see how its exercised.
The rights are legally binding and supreme to other laws thus guaranteeing US citizens right to enjoy their protection. The amendments thus enshrine the rights. The rights and freedoms include right to speedy trail, informed of the charges, legal counsel, bear arms. Freedoms include freedom of speech, the press, assembly, religion etc. Others include protection against seizures and searches that are unreasonable, trial without indictment, self-incrimination, excessive etc. (“The Bill of Rights”, n.d.). All such rights among others in the Bill of Rights function to ensure that individuals are well protected and their liberty is left intact.

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