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Why is There a Necessity for Plea Bargaining? (Essay Sample)


Why is there a necessity for plea bargaining?


Why is there a necessity for plea bargaining?
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Why is there a necessity for plea bargaining?
The criminal process from the ancient to date is really dominated by plea bargaining such that processing cost are reduced and it expedites court cases. Moreover, plea bargain helps the authorities to gather cooperation from the defendants. Plea bargain is any arrangement in a criminal case between the defendant and the prosecutor where by the defendant pleads guilty for a lesser jail time or agreement for dropping any other charges. Meanwhile, plea bargaining anticipate a practical and enforced resources in the criminal justice system thus safeguarding and protecting the rights of the defendant.
As much as plea bargain is criticized, 90% of criminal conviction are negotiated plea. To accept a plea bargain is not an easy decision to make such that it will immensely depend on particular facts of your case, criminal history, finances among other factors. Before indulging in any plea bargain it’s important to look at demerits of the case such as coercion criminal records and many others. For famous and popular individual plea bargain works in their advantage because when they choose to plead guilty on trial they get to protect their reputation and avoid embarrassment to their families (Paul,2012). Subsequently, defendant whose judge accept their plea and cannot afford to pay bail, they get out of jail immediately prior to plea bargain. Moreover, it will result to a faster resolution of the case hence reduced

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