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Constitutional Amendments (Essay Sample)


Various issues on constitutional amendment


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Constitutional Amendment
The constitution contains too many flaws to patch it up, there is a need for few amendments to be done. The new constitution would be intuitive to the current polarization while excluding politicians as it draws the history of democracy in the US. My constitutional amendment would address the problem of term limits for Congressional term limits whereby it would be reduced to three terms for the house while the senate would be two terms. I would include requirements for congressional members and staff to spend most of their time in their particular districts. There would be no provision for office in Washington DC. This amendment would minimize the rising cases of corruption since the congress members will have 18 days within the calendar to pursue their business in Washington DC. Congressional term limits are a problem in the sense that the most well-intentioned lawmakers have been manipulated but the corrosive practices in Washington. By limiting their terms in congress, it would minimize the time spent in power to elect new members that are trusted and those who could produce incorruptible representatives as contended by the limit advocates.
The change I would make to the American constitution is that I would limit the terms of senators to two terms and members of the House of representatives will be reduced to six terms.
Congressional and the house of representative’s term limits are necessary for correcting inequalities that are evident as they hinder challenges and are a threat to aid incumbents. Legislative opposition to term limits is a sharp contrast with individual strong support for citizens. Term limits are essential political reforms that would create new perspectives to congress and reduce incentives for election done wrongfully that relates to federal expenditures that currently upholds a careerist culture in the congress. It is a mandatory legislative turnover CITATION Jon181 \l 1033 (Jones, Noorbaloochi and Jost). Through term limits, it enacts legitimate power of the state’s as they are allowed to exercises their elections. As a powerful political force, term limits demonstrate numerous state referenda, results of candidate’s elections, and legislative outcomes of the state. Through term limits, there is evident opposition of officials elected primarily, and have special-interest groups relying on them since the weakness of the case regarding term limits is not attractive to the public. Therefore, term limits hold a promising future on various political fonts including state referenda, congressional politics, candidate elec

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