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Juvenile Delinquency in the 21st Century (Essay Sample)


THE QUESTION was to write an essay about0 juvenile delinquency in the 21st century. This sample answers. the question


Juvenile Delinquency in the 21st Century
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Juvenile Delinquency in the 21st Century
Juvenile justice is how youths below 18 who have committed criminal activities or illegal acts get punished differently from adults(sociology group,2018). To understand and appreciate why young people commit a crime and learn how to effectively respond, we need to focus beyond the boarders at the scope of how the other societies handle juvenile justice. For this case, we look at American Juvenile justice and Chinese policy.
The encounters of the minority youth in the adolescent equity framework are strikingly not the same as others. The minority youth are lopsidedly addressed all through the teenage equity framework. The criminal cases announced in urban areas are bound to bring about unforgiving disciplines instead of in urban areas. As per the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, urbanization 

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