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The Impact of convergence on security Law Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Access the impact of the convergence of the public and private sector security in the post- 9/11 world. How is it being accomplished?
Identify two key obstacles to the convergence of public and private sector security efforts. Provide potential solutions to the problems you discuss.


The Impact of Convergence on Security
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The Impact of Convergence on Security
The apocalyptic events of the 9/11 terror attack will forever remain in the memory of Americans. It became the single most important turning point in America's corporate security role within the business environment, both locally and internationally. Away from the emotional toll that accompanied the terror attack, businesses were highly severely hit. The insurance, airline, and tourism industries faced massive challenges and financial hurdles. Many workers were laid off as businesses tried to scale down on their losses. Following the attack, substantial resources have been put towards improving security standards, more so in areas of national defense and homeland security. This encompasses new technologies, companies, and personnel. In short, the disastrous nature of the 9/11 attack compelled the strengthening of public-private partnerships in the security docket. And its impacts have registered considerable success.
Access the impact of the convergence of the public and private sector security in the post- 9/11 world. How is it being accomplished?
Notably, the growth of security firms increased considerably. Multiple security manufacturers emerged in the market, fully armed with numerous equipment and ideas. 9/11 acted as a source of inspiration to several firms and individuals to start innovating in the industry, unlike before. The success was monumental. Analysts considered it leaping a century ahead within ten years. Like the security industry developed 100 years of tech within a decade. For instance, a decade before the 9/11 attack, security technology was well dominated by analog coupled with its limitations (Ritchey, 2011). It lacked the grainy picture, intelligence, and disparate systems. These limitations were a hindrance to the progress of homeland security officials who could take longer to piece together critical information that entailed footages and perpetrators could have an added advantage in their criminal activities.
The surge of digital network cameras solved this problem, especially those that surveyed urban projects countrywide- has raised the quality of images because of the megapixel cameras and furnish those interested with onboard storage. This fosters the integration of systems with the advantage of multiples cameras, both public and private.
Moreover, many security initiatives have come about since the 9/11 attack that enhance public-private cooperation. The major initiative was the creation of Homeland Security. Secondly, the "See Something, Say Something" was a campaign started and promoted by the DHS that allowed ordinary citizen to engage in the efforts of protecting their country (Ritchey, 2011). Again, the Homeland Security Information Network ensures that only vetted persons in public and private sectors get the right information on the level of threats in their environment alongside the distribution of intelligence briefings and the notification of training opportunities. This also allowed them to have direct communication with other security professionals across the United States while forming a community of interest.

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