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How Prevalent Are Female Gangs In The United States (Essay Sample)


Write a 500-750 word paper in APA style which explores the following questions:
How prevalent are female gangs in the United States?
Do female gangs commit the same type of offenses as male gangs?
What are characteristics of female gang members?


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Research done by the national gang centre in 2010 indicates that gangs have been in existence in the United States for a long period of time. But it became a major problem in the United States in 1980's. Gang activities mainly, begun in some of the major cities like; New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  Later they started to penetrate to rural areas (Glapa, 2011). The word gang is used to refer to organized outlawed groups that engage in criminal activities like; carjacking, murder, drug trafficking and robbery. Gangs are caused by social economic difference and exclusion of some people especially youth from middle-class culture (Newton,.2008). Research about gangs has for a long time concentrated on male participants than female.  Many researchers tend to ignore female gangs. This paper is going to unearth the participation of women in gang activities in America.
For many times in the United States, female gangs were left out and all the focus was on their male counterparts.  However, research shows that there has been a tremendous increase in the recent years of female gangs in the United States. According to the national representative survey of youth, female gang members are nearly 30 %( Glapa, 2011). This is an indication that the numbers of females joining gang groups is on the increase in America.
In early years, female gangs were seen as sex objects by their male counterparts. Reports indicate that female gangs were readily available for sexual encounter especially from their fellow members who were men.  Female gang involved themselves in group sex as their main role in the group. Male gangs felt that women gangs are there to be exploited sexually. This made men to take advantage on the women gangs (Moore, 2001). However, in the recent past studies show that female gang comm

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