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Home Rule vs.Dillon’s Rule and Its Application in New Jersey (Essay Sample)


The task required me to analyze and distinguish the home rule versus Dillon's rule with respect to its application in the state of New Jersey.
The sample, therefore, was about explaining what the home rule and Dillon's rule are as well as their differences.
I was expected to discuss the two rules and how they affect or govern autonomous counties and overseas territories.
I was expected to provide four reliable sources and take into consideration the APA style and all the rules tied to it when formatting and referencing the paper.


Home Rule and Dillon’s Rule; Application in New Jersey
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Home Rule and Dillon’s Rule: With Reference to New Jersey
Home Rule is a granted state statute that allows some degree of autonomy to overseas territories, colony, local governments and even counties. In the United States, some states grants self-governing power to the local authorities (municipal authorities) and counties (United States, 2017). When Home Rule is applied, the state grants a local government some degree of autonomy that allows it to run it affairs without any delegation from the state.
According to United States (2017), the extent in which Home Rule can be granted depends on whether a local authority is subject to general or chartered provision. When Home Rule is based on general law; the counties and municipalities have less autonomy. A chartered local authority is free to govern itself with great autonomy (Richardson et al., 2003).
On the other hand, 

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