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Mediation in the Workplace (Essay Sample)


The paper talks about the mediation process between Ms. Patel, the supervisor, and Fascilla, an organization employee. Patel and Fascilla are the main parties who need to resolve their conflicts. The mediation process's primary goal is to reach an agreement whereby both the supervisor and employee solve their differences and work together in peace.


In the modern era and workplace, mediation helps to disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable conclusion without proceeding to court through mediation. As an out-of-court dispute resolution method, mediation is more convenient for parties that want to avoid the burden of litigation while retaining some control over the process. It is also an informal process, which encourages parties to work together in good faith to address their problems and conflicts at a lower financial cost while also taking less time than going through the judicial process (Kline, 2015). The paper will talk about the mediation process between Ms. Patel, the supervisor, and Fascilla, an organization employee.
The Mediation Process
The mediation process's primary goal is to 

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