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Military Science topics reflection (Essay Sample)

you will be provided with seven topics to choose from. make sure to select three topics of your interest and provide a solution ot cases presented in each. ensure you provide your thoughts according to what you have learned from week 7 to 14 cite your paper according to apa citing GUIDELINES. provide a minimum of two sources, your overal work should be between 4 to 9 pages. each topic should have a minimum of 400 words source..
Name Affiliated institution Instructor name Course name Date of submission Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Sexual Assault Prevention and Response is a program designed to respond to different kinds of sexual assaults or harassment within the department of defense. The victims of sexual assault are provided with varying procedures of advocacy, sensitive care, and encouragement to report any further occurrence in the future. The program offers various tools and procedures for reporting sexual assault within the department of defense and follows up with the perpetrators to ensure that the victim receives justice (U.S. DoD, 2022). The Director is responsible for establishing various policies, assigning responsibilities to different departments and heads of departments, and issuing procedures to aid in implementing, managing, and overseeing multiple retaliatory responses when a victim is sexually assaulted. Knowing the program's operation helps develop various policies that will strengthen the existing ones because it is apparent that sexual assault has been on the rise for a record time (U.S. ARMY FORT McCOY, 2021). As the new Director, it is essential to note the most important progress and develop solutions in various departments to provide a safe working environment for the vulnerable. Because change begins with the top leadership, it is essential to include departmental leaders in devising policies favoring the military. While the program ensures that victims receive justice and perpetrators are held accountable, instances of sexual assault are however on the rise. It is apparent that either the measures put in place do not help solve the problems of sexual harassment, or trainees and employees are resilient in the defense department (U.S. ARMY FORT McCOY, 2021). The other issue could be the reluctance and long procedures taken to file a sexual harassment case. First, I would recommend that the earlier filed claims on sexual assault be cleared to show the program's seriousness and hasten investigations within an allocated time. It is due to pending cases of sexual assault that makes the program lag, therefore indicating a lack of seriousness in various departments. Secondly, it is proper for all departments to coordinate and issue a specific response. For example, the Director responsible for overseeing every program activity should allocate duties that each department can handle to reduce caseload. To address the problems, I will reshuffle staff and provide a reliable online reporting portal with an all-time monitor to ensure a fast response to sexual assault claims. The possible barriers to these suggestions may be a lack of skills for new departments and insufficient allocation of funds for site modification. To reshuffle staff, it will require training which will take a lot of time and other resources. The benefit of reshuffling will create a new working environment if achieved. Funds for training and site modification may also delay the recommendation, hence may also slow the procedures. Process of Care and Survival Rate The survival rate for military persons has increased over time due to several factors geared towards the favor of military healthcare services. The American army has engaged in several military activities since the cold war, and the defense department has aimed to increase Survival chances in military camps. Besides deploying highly sophisticated and potentially dangerous weapons against U.S. soldiers on the battlefield, the survival rate has been high thanks to the reliable process of care and programs aimed at strengthening medical services within the military (U.S. Army, 2022). The possible reasons for the high survival rate during military combat include better training in lifesaving techniques and excellent en-route care while transporting wounded soldiers to the hospitals. Both soldiers and medics receive high training regarding survival techniques to ensure they save the most number of people while avoiding any form of casualty. Furthermore, when the wounded soldier is transported to a medical facility en route, treatment has been enhanced to cushion the severity of the injury. By the time the soldier gets to the hospital, the injury would be better, giving the hospital medics an easy time to proceed with the treatment (Manring et al. 2009). Other factors include Improved communication from the point of injury to the hospital and deployment of more military medical facilities and personnel. Therefore, these improvements in the military have led to increased survival rates. The process of care involves the Army Recovery Care Program that ensures wounded soldiers transition back to full service or becomes Veterans. The program comprises comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services to ensure more life is saved and more soldiers stay alive. The program provides the 14 Soldier Recovery Units countrywide to facilitate a smooth care process. The care process includes the provision of complex care to the wounded and ill soldiers and the provision of advocacy and resources to families and caregivers of the wounded soldiers (U.S. Army, 2022). These processes happen when there is already a report of a wounded or ill soldier, and the program works to ensure that they stay alive. Some soldiers with severe injuries who cannot continue service are also arranged for return home service, which is also a part of the care process. The Army Recovery Care Program has saved lives since its inception in 2007, and this has been possible through improved medical and care process measures. Therefore, the department of justice is commended for ensuring that soldiers' lives come first when they are on the battlefield by strengthening the essential healthcare services. Responding to Public Anti-Gay Statement The gay community has experienced discrimination in almost all sectors of society, and the military is not an inclusion. Until the onset of WWI, homosexuals in the military were punished because it was thought they were disgusting and did not deserve to serve in the military. During WWI, homosexuals were excluded from the military and not punished. It was later realized that the more homosexuals were discriminated against in the military, the more they formed a minority gay group and demanded their rights be respected (Benes, 2019). In 1993 when the pressure was too much, President Clinton lifted the ban on recruiting homosexuals into the military, and by 2011, this ban was fully in effect. Discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, or race remains unlawful in the department of defense as the Constitution protects everyone's rights. It may be unappealing to some individuals that the gay community continues to serve in the military. This community may feel alienated and hence think their rights to be recognized are suppressed. The question of whether homosexuals destroy the norms of the military or not can be answered by referring to post-WWII experiences, where homosexuals were subjected to various discriminatory experiments and asked intimidating questions regarding their sexual activities. Therefore, di...
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