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The Penal Systems Law Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


Changes in correction models (including the reform movement, the medical model, the community model, and the crime control model) were the result of changes in social trends. How did penal systems change? What were the social trends? Specifically, how did these trends influence thinking about corrections?
Prompt: Write a short paper that explores the relationship between social trends and corrections models.
Compare and contrast the different penal systems (Pennsylvania, Auburn, Southern, and Western).
Describe the predominant views on offenders and corrections prior to the development of the correction models and trace how these views changed over time.
Describe the major attributes of each of the models.
Examine the relationship between the social views at the time and the specific attributes of each model.
Cite specific examples of how social views shaped each of the models.
Guidelines for Submission: Your short paper should be 1 to 3 pages in length and should use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. The paper should include at least three scholarly/academic (peer-reviewed) sources, which should be cited according to APA style.


Penal Systems
Institutional Affiliation
Penal Systems
In criminal justice, a correctional system is a network of government agencies that carry out a variety of functions namely, punishment, treatment, and supervision of convicts to correct criminal tendencies in a society (Rubin& Phelps, 2017). This paper examines the different penal systems as follows below.
Pennsylvania correction model was anchored on the principle of solitary confinement. In view of the method, confinement causes a convict to be remorseful and encourages him or her to change. The system is characterized by prisoner isolation, promotion of human welfare, and prisoner’s engagement to make goods. A convict was viewed as a bad person who could change if isolated from others by giving him or her time reflect on their misconduct thus encouraging reformation. Convicts were viewed as being important hence this approach promoted individual rights (Crump, 2006).

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