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The Ruling in the Miranda vs Arizona Case by the US Supreme Court (Essay Sample)


The ruling in the Miranda vs Arizona case by the us supreme court


U.S Supreme Court case, Miranda vs. Arizona
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U.S Supreme Court case, Miranda vs. Arizona
Appellant; Ernesto Miranda, The man who was compelled and intimidated in unfriendly police custody to incriminate himself verbally and writing for an accusation of kidnapping and rape without the warning to access an attorney or remain silent upon arrest. Ernesto was mentally disturbed and could not speak English and therefore confessed to the police.
Appellee, the Phoenix Police Department of Arizona State pair of police who put Miranda incommunicado, interrogated, intimidated and evoked him to confess verbally and in writing without warning to be silent or access an attorney.
Year of Ruling; 1966 (Bahr, 2008). U.S Supreme Court
The Arizona police from Phoenix arrested Miranda from the comfort of his house and seized him in custody, awaiting his sue in the Arizona Supreme court of law in 1966. A pair of police officers went ahead to compel him incommunicado for two hours on the accusation of kidnapping and rape without giving him the right to seek an attorney or remain silent while in custody as the law required. Mirada being a non-English speaker who did not understand the country laws that covered suspects, was tensed and overwhelmed, thus voluntarily incriminated himself verbally and through writings concluding that any statements he made at the police while in the interrogation chamber could be used as a tool to pin him down in the court of law. At the Arizona Supreme Court, the court ruled 

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