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Abortion Should Be Legal or Not? (Essay Sample)


in this task needs the learner to support the concept of Abortion wether it should be legal or not? it gives both negative and positive effects on the concept of abortion women are the one to choose either to perfome the act or not to this because they might choose it due to perpose either the woman can be a victim o rape etc . baically the assignement gives the impact of abortion and the negativity why it should be accepted. but still this cocep title has been a topic tht requires more research in order to get the right answer of the act


Abortion should be legal or not?
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Abortion should be legal or not?
Abortion has been a contentious issue in every civilization for a long time. On the subject of abortion, every individual and professional has their own viewpoint. On the one side, there are pro-life campaigners, and on the other, pro-choice activists. So, regardless of whatever side or perspective a person adopts, whether for or against, the argument appears to be reasonably balanced. In this paper, I will explore the practice of "abortion," which is defined as "the termination of a pregnancy at any stage that does not affect the birth of a newborn being" by medical definition. The research will look upon if an evolving fetus is a human being, also the finding will be able to explain whether abortion can be conducted when there is case of rape, what time can abortion be considered and finally if its right for abortion to be legalized.
Many researchers and scholars tend to oppose abortion because they believe that no one in the world has been granted the power to control another's life, particularly a human body that has not yet entered the world, particularly the mother, to continue to exist. Furthermore, many religions worldwide, such as Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, are entirely opposed to abortion. As a result, if a woman terminates a pregnancy, she goes against her religion and God which is considered to be a taboo. "Everyone has the right to live." As a result, the unborn child has a right to be born and also live; this means they have freedom of life`1 (Thomson, 2013)."
Furthermore, several researchers have observed that women who are forced to have an abortion have a higher risk of developing depression later in life, which tends to harm the ladies' way of living, moreover, this negativity can proceed to even affecting her family' life. When one discovers how early the child begins to develop human characteristics, it is unquestionably shocking. By the tenth week, the unborn child has already developed arms, fingers, toes, and a face; it has inside organs, and brain activity can be seen (Thomson, 1976). Alternatively, the claim that the fetus is not an individual from the moment of conception is false. A newly fertilized ovum, a bunch of cells that are newly, is no more an individual than an acorn is an Oak tree.
People who favor and support abortion believe that a fetus is just a piece of tissue and not a human being. Maybe they thought the step was too simple and didn't need any explanation. Alternatively, they could simply be being reasonable in their argument. Many abortion supporters believe that the fetus is not a human person, but rather a piece of tissue that will become a human when it is born; and there is nothing more to dispute about. They believe that the mother must spend the nine months of her pregnancy in bed, which is a great pity and a difficult time for the mother, and that she should have the right to choose what she wants to do, but that all human beings have the right to life, and that the fetus is a human being, and so on. "A mother has the right to choose what happens in and to her body" (Thomson, 2013).
Another argument advanced by opponents is that allowing women to obtain a legal abortion is much safer than consulting an inexperienced abortionist or performing an abortion oneself. If women are allowed to access these legal abortion services, this risk will be reduced, as would the number of mothers who die as a result of failed abortions. However, I tend to disagree with the fact that if a woman does not want to give birth to a baby or is not ready, she must find other means to avoid killing someone before engaging in intercourse. The individuals could use different methods such as family planning, use of contraceptives in order to avoid being impregnated. Whenever people make mistakes or go wrong they must accept responsibility for their acts and accept the consequences and the outcome result. Furthermore, most men in our community are against the action of performing abortion but we find the women are willing to do the act or choose to abort some women tend to come up with the solution of abortion if they are not financially stable and cannot be able to provide for the child the woman will tend to do the abortion so as not to bring the child to the world to suffer. In this case women are the ones to make their decision on whether to perform abortion or not.
Restricting abortion may lead to women engaging in risky activities, such as having abortions conducted in an unclean environment and unhealthy conditions by unqualified doctors with little or no medical training. Through this kind of performance may result in to increase in death especially to adolescent girls. Additionally, due to the lack of proper equipment that helps control the execution of abortion, there are low chances of serving the individual. Safe abortion services must be available, as required by law, and must be given by well-trained health practitioners who are supported by policies, regulations, and the health system infrastructure, including equipment and supplies." Every day, about 4000 abortions are reported in the United States. Women's lives are saved when undesired pregnancies are terminated and they are in safe medical conditions. Between 1973 and 1997, women's abortion death rates fell from 4.1 to 0.6 per 100,000 instances when abortion became legal. If abortions are made legal, serious complications and infections caused by illegal abortions will be prevented this means a lot of lives will be saved (Cockrill, 2013).
A woman who has been the victim of incest and rape should not be forced to take car for the unwanted pregnancy for nine months. Instead, woman should be able to choose to undergo an abortion in certain circumstances. If the victim has the child, it will serve as a daily reminder of the horrific deed she was subjected to. Not only seeing the child every day brings up terrible memories of the incest or rape, this may also injure her psychologically by reminding the victim of the trauma she suffered. Furthermore, the woman may tend not to support the child fully this by not providing all the basic needs that the child requires in his / her life due to hatred “Rape-related pregnancy is a very common occurrence. Many unintended births are caused by it, and it is linked to family and domestic abuse." Another argument advanced by opponents is that allowing women to obtain a legalized abortion is safer than consulting an inexperienced abortionist or performing an abortion oneself. If women are allowed to access these legal abortion services, this risk will be reduced, as would the number of mothers who die as a result of failed abortions. At some point, the women who are rape are advised not to carry out abortions since the children who are born can be adopted by parents who don’t have the capabilities of having children of their own.
Additionally, abortion can be conducted by the doctors if the pregnancy will interfere with the others health. In some cases some women tend to have health problems that lead to a complication during their pregnancy period. Some women lose their pregnancies as early as six months due to complications in their body, Apart from that, the fetus can develop in an abnormal way causing the health of the mother to be at risk. The health professionals attend to such complications and tend to suggest t

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