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Argument in global warming Life Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Instructions were to argue about human activities not being the main cause for global warming.


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Greenhouse effect: The cause for global warming
Global warming is a phenomenon that happens in the planet where climate temperature slowly increases due to the Greenhouse effect (Held & Soden, 2000). Greenhouse effect is a phenomenon wherein the radiation from the sun hits the surface of the earth and is reflected back to the sky, and the heat that it produces is trapped within the atmosphere. It is a natural warming process of the planet that has been happening since the beginning of its existence. Although humans are a major contributor to the global warming process, it is not entirely accurate due to the fact that there are other factors that causes the Greenhouse effect.
Greenhouse gases are the reason why heat is stored in the atmosphere and is radiated back to the Earth’s surface. These gases rises up to the sky and stays in the atmosphere. It has the properties to store heat and it acts like a warm material covering the planet. Greenhouse gases are mainly water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and ozone. All four gases are major contributors to the Greenhouse effect and this process has been occurring for a very long time, way before humans discovered the significant effects of global warming.

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