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What Impact has the Cell Theory had on the Modern-day World? (Essay Sample)


write a two page paper on What Impact has the Cell Theory had on the Modern-day World?


What Impact has the Cell Theory had on the Modern-day World?
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What Impact has the Cell Theory had on the Modern-day World?
All living organisms are made of cells as the basic unit of function and structure. As such, the cell theory explains that cells are building blocks of every living thing (Hand, 2018). The theory has allowed scientists to intricately observe every single detail of a living thing and, in the process, allowed for effective diagnosis of diseases, understanding of death, and how organisms grow (Hand, 2018). Typically, as one of the most essential principles of science, everything learned in science relates to it. Because the cell theory has had enormous contributions to the present world, there have been significant discoveries in the field of science; so, understanding this universal principle of development is helpful in understanding the fundamental principles of biology as they relate to the modern-day world.
The cell theory has allowed for a proper understanding of heredity information and how it is passed from one generation to the other. Perhaps, the most fundamental aspect of a living organism is the ability to reproduce (Hand, 2018). Particularly, all living organisms inherit genetic information from their parents. Likewise, there is a replication of genetic material in cell division from a parent to a progeny. The cell theory has, therefore, offered a comprehensive deduction of the classic principles of genetics (Harding, 2017). Consequently, there have been notable discoveries in the mechanisms of genetic identification and transmission, discoveries that underline our present knowledge of molecular biology (Harding, 2017). For this reason, the cell theory has offered an accurate definition of heredity information and its transference from cell to cell.

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