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Basics of Decision Making (Essay Sample)


A two page, well written apa paper touching on the fundamental basics of making decisions.


Basics of Decision Making
Basics of Decision Making
People's character and virtues are greatly influenced by the situations within the scope of their life. Decision making plays a major and vital role in the choice of what we see, hear and do. People will however try as much as possible show a unique character and that is why this essay targets at discussing vividly the basics of decision making.
Decision making is not really a scientific thing as opposed to perception of many people. This is because everyone in the society is able to learn and understand it whilst any scientific lotions are merely for the scholars in the society (Dijk, 2008, p.27). Three factors affect decision making: high principles, inhibitors and inciters. Amongst all the three factors, only high principles is considered to be of positive attitude towards decision making while the rest are seen as negative factors towards it (Ullman, 2006, p.54).
Each and every individual strives to make the right decisions in life. The above factors should not be overlooked or maybe base the decisions on false information as this will impart negatively to your decisions. Wrong decisions can be made when one lacks the virtue of self control or maybe possesses the fear of making a wrong decision. According to Xie (p.83), people have the capability of controlling and reducing decisions that do not have any or less benefit to them especially when the victims understand how to handle their enemies by taking part actively and listening keenly. This solves fallible positions that can be even more hazardous if taken (Husted, 2007, p.102). Decision making process has a major function of fetching the suitable choice that will lead to irrefutable thoughts thus derivation of peace, love and harmony (Dijk, 2008, p.86). Bad news affects negatively the moods of an individual however a good decision maker should perceive this as a challenge and take it as a chance in life (Dijk, 2008, p.81).
Successful decisions are reached at due to existence of enough and viable information. Time factor should also be put under consideration as every decision requires a thorough scrutiny is done on the effects of the outcome. The effort to be spent also has an impact on decision making process. This should be directly proportional to the time to be spent. All these two factors entail determination and hence lack of determination to the real issues causes a dilemma in decision making (Rohrich, 2007, p.105). It is important for one to analyze the problem in detail using the questions why, who, what, when and how. Finally, consultation of any other party is highly appreciated as this enables one to discover the best approach to handle the problem.
Decision making is not a scientific aspect but just a life skill that every individual in the society encounters in his lifetime. One has to understand the factors that affect decision making and how to handle each factor for ...
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