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Disorders: Effect Of Osteoporosis On The Healing Of A Fractured Bone (Essay Sample)


The task was about describing bone disorders in a minimum of two pages.

Bone Disorders Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Bone Disorders Paiva et al. (2016) conducted an experimental research study whose aim was to analyse fracture healing in an osteopenic bone caused by disuse. With osteoporosis becoming a public health issue of concern, the researchers were determined to establish whether osteoporosis affects the healing of a fractured bone. Over 200 million people are affected by osteoporosis globally. In most cases, osteoporosis progresses to bone fracture because it leads to fragility as a result of low bone mineral density (BMD) as well as microarchitecture deterioration. In addition to this, individuals with osteoporosis can sustain fracture even after minimal falls mostly due to low fracture threshold. The researchers conducted this study in an attempt to answer a significant question, which is, how osteopenia influences bone healing process, in a partial fracture experimental model after a trauma. Bone microarchitecture loss has been shown to affect bone healing process in some studies. Other studies have however not been able to establish the relationship between these two variables. With the controversy surrounding how osteopenia is related to the bone healing process, this research question aims to provide a clear answer with regards to this issue. For data collection, the researchers used a Solomon four-group design, where the subjects (60 rats) of the study were divided into four groups, i.e. two experimental groups and two control groups. Osteopenia was induced in the experimental groups, and the control groups remained untreated. All of the groups then underwent osteotomy, and the fractured limb immobilised. Collection of tibias was done after two weeks, and then after six weeks, an analysis was made with regards to BMD and mechanical properties of the bone, as well as the gradual healing of the bone. After the experimental method was conducted, there was incomplete healing of the bone due to observed exuberant bony calluses two weeks after osteotomy both in the experimental groups and the control groups. However, there was higher BMD in the bony calluses six weeks after the procedure in comparison to two weeks post osteotomy. This observation was similar in both groups. After six weeks of healing, there was a significantly high maximum torque and stiffness of the right tibias, which was relatively lower in the two weeks healing period. However, at six weeks of healing, the right tibias' angle at maximum torque was slightly lower when compared with that of two weeks' period. Bone geoformation was greater after six weeks, and lower after two weeks. Finally, the amount of type three collagen was higher after six weeks of the procedure. Use of a Solomon four-group design was a suitable experimental method of collecting data for this study because of the nature of the question posed at the beginning of the study. The study was aimed a...
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