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Chemistry in Healthcare, Climate Change, and Environment Protection (Essay Sample)


The primary aim of the paper was to discuss chemistry in healthcare, climate change and environmental protection. in other words, the task was to find how chemistry is vital in the field of healthcare, climate and our environment. in addition, what is the involvement of chemistry in the mentioned areas?


Chemistry in Healthcare, Climate Change, and Environment Protection
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Chemistry in Healthcare, Climate Change, and Environment Protection
Chemistry is a science branch dealing with the structure, composition, and properties of compounds and elements, the energy absorbed or released by these elements and compounds, and how they change under various circumstances. Every substance produced naturally or artificially consists of atoms, sometimes identified or referred to as elements. Other scholars suggest that chemistry entails studying substances' structural substance architecture and atomic composition. Other things that are also related to chemistry include the violent reaction of substances and their sudden interactions. It is also concerned with the creation of substances and how they are utilized under different circumstances. Chemical processes conducted due to chemistry include cooking, metallurgy, fermentation, and glass making. Chemistry has been applied under different life situations, and some areas where it has been observed include healthcare systems and environmental activities. The primary focus of this paper will be on chemistry in healthcare, chemistry in environmental protection, and climate change.
Chemistry in Healthcare
Chemistry has been of great significance in healthcare for a very long period. Through chemistry, various drugs and medicines have been produced to help cure various diseases or illnesses. It means that chemistry has positively contributed to healthcare in numerous ways, as suggested by various scholars. Major healthcare contributions have been made by chemistry. Some of these major contributions are developing new drugs, which entails synthesizing and analyzing new compounds. Any new drug development is very complicated and always takes a long time to be completed to cure a particular disease. Studying disease chemistry is very significant because it will help in the identification of how a particular drug can react to the health of human beings. There are cases where a drug might work very well in human beings and not in animals (Vermeulen et al., 2020). This is why the people developing drugs have to study chemistry in detail to understand how these drugs and why tend to treat certain diseases and fail to cure others.
There are occasions when there can be numerous drugs that can treat a particular disease. Still, their result is that only a handful of these drugs might be effective and safe to use by an individual suffering from a particular disease with certain conditions. The major contribution of chemistry in healthcare is that it enhances the preparation of materials that can be used for surgery. Some of these materials include sterile materials, artificial skin, and sutures. Replacing heart blood vessels through surgery is usually done using unreactive chemicals to such tissues and can never be rejected by the patient's body. In cases where a patient has burnt skin, artificial skin can be used to do replacements. In clinical laboratory testing, there is a variety of chemical instrumentation and techniques that are used in doing analysis. Various things have been discovered through clinical laboratory testing, most of which are related to different diseases. For instance, it can help answer the question of why people have diabetes and why cholesterol might be high under certain circumstances.
In the healthcare system, some processes sometimes require computer and complex equipment analysis to perform measurements with large samples from patients. Currently, laboratory testing is done under various circumstances, including in grocery stores or local drug stores, because of the healthcare system's development resulting from chemistry. There are portable devices that can 

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