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The ecological value of Menagesha State Forest (Essay Sample)

ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS, YOU ARE TO WRITE AN ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY ON THE TOPIC OF "THE ECOLOGICAL VALUE OF MENAGESHA STATE FOREST." THE ESSAY FOLLOWS AN APA FORMAT SUBMITTED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ACCEPTING THE ORDER. The work was of a high quality and did not include any instances of plagiarism since the order was finished without any modifications being requested by the customer. source..
The ecological value of Menagesha State Forest Name: Institution: Submission date: The ecological value of Menagesha State Forest Menagesha State Forest, located in the Oromiya region of Ethiopia, is one of the few remaining patches of dry evergreen Montane Forest in East Africa, and it spans a total area of around 9557 hectares at an elevation of between 2,200 and 3,585 metres (Duguma et al., 2019). For a long time, the forest has provided both ecological and economic advantages to locals and the government of Ethiopia. Nevertheless, the forest ecosystem is under extreme stress due to a rise in the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and fast shifts in land use, among other difficulties (Seid, 2019). To mitigate against the ecological disruptions, the Ethiopian government in conjunction with a variety of stakeholders is developing some sustainable forest management methods. Ecological Values Menagesha State Forest offers a wide variety of ecological benefits. Jemal and Patharajan (2018) claim that the forest controls, shields, and maintains a wide range of environmental goods and services. The large trees and dense undergrowth serve as windbreaks, preventing soil erosion. Soil fertility is improved and forest production is increased when wind erosion is decreased. The forest ecosystem acts as a carbon sink, balancing the atmosphere by absorbing excess carbon dioxide from the air. Additionally, the forest ecosystem enhances air quality by refining and purifying it via the fixation of pollutants and dispersion of volatile substances. Critical to the preservation of the existing biodiversity is the rich range of plant life found in the Managesha State Forest environment, which serves as a food source for many rare species of birds and animals (Kewessa et al., 2022). The forest ecosystem also aids in the preservation of future biodiversity on a regional scale by providing a home for such species; this not only aids in the preservation of evolutionary potential but also helps to keep ecological liaisons and corridors in place (Duguma et al., 2019). The Menagesha woodland ecosystem helps regulate water supplies by minimizing surface runoffs and increasing the filtering of surplus rainfall. Sustainable management The imminent ecological importance of the Menagesha State Forest continues to dominate the thoughts of a variety of stakeholders concerning the management of the forest. Integrated forest management is essential to the preservation of the forest because it necessitates the maintenance of a comprehensive forest inventory (Duguma et al., 2019). This is important because it allows for the accurate tracking of changes in the forest's health condition over time. In addition, the development of new methods for logging and the implementation of a wide range of silvicultural practices contribute to the protection of ecological processes and the preservation of biodiversity. A lot of work goes into implementing sustainable forest management strategies, but there are a few problems that reduce their effectiveness (Deressa, 2014). For example, discouragement of conservation efforts might result from a lack of collaboration among stakeholders. In addition, the process of participatory management and benefit sharing is muddied by the absence of defined forest management regulations, which not only inhibits public engagement but also renders sustainable management approaches ineffective. ...
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