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Correlation Between P300 Latency and Specific Test for using Attention in Males (Essay Sample)


the task required the writer to explain what evidence based practice in nursing is and the role it has played so far.


Evidence Based Practice in Nursing
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Evidence Based Practice in Nursing
The objective of this test is to show that the loss of attention in adults with more than 40yrs of age or more is a perfect indicator for memory dysfunction and that impeded p300 latency identifies memory dysfunction adequately than other methods like the Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS-III). For instance, significantly deviant males (TOVA<-1.0) are likely to have a memory dysfunction faster than their normal counterparts (TOVA≥0) (Braverman,2016). Those who are significantly deviant are SD-BL and the degrees of this condition will determine their susceptibility to delays in p300 latency.
The variables can only be changed by

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