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Reasons behind Climate Change and Extreme Weather (Essay Sample)


Global Warming


Running Head: Global warming – climate change
Global warming – climate change
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Global warming – climate change
Global warming was first determined and presented after a deep study of climate in 1906, and it is more relevant nowadays. The scientific myth behind global warming is climate change and heat-trapping pollution. Hence, climate change is linked to heat-trapping pollution. In this regard, the most potent reason with other allied reasons behind the climate is Coal Burning Power Plants and one of the main allied reasons is the transportation sector that produces huge carbon pollution. Therefore, usually, it is believed that climate change denotes "global warming" which is true.
In this treatise, we will further examine global warming and climate change. Moreover, we will also find the reasons for climate change and extreme weather.
Reasons behind Climate change and extreme weather:
It is scientifically proven that climate change and extreme weather is the main leader of global warming. The climate changes include long and hot heat waves, heavy rainfalls, frequent droughts, and extreme hurricanes. The impact of all of the climate change factors is being felt all across the world. The reason behind that climate change and extreme weather is pollution. The man-made pollution is because of industrialization, transportation, burning power plants, cutting down forests, increased livestock farming, fertilizers, and much more.
What is happing because of global warming?
First of all, ice is melting due to extreme weather. Most of the glaciers and ice sheets have already been melt. The sea level is increasing about 3.2 millimeters in a year and the rate is rapidly increasing due to the glaciers and ice sheets melting. Secondly, the rising temperature has already affected the wildlife in the glaciers mostly in Antarctica. Thirdly, the rains and snowfall have also increased and gone to the extreme extent which is increasing the shortage of drinking water, loss of crops, etc. Some of the species are thriving and booming their population such as jellyfish, mosquitoes, ticks, crop pests, and bark beetles that have already been devastated the crops and forests and increased the rate of lethal diseases.
Therefore, global warming i.e. change in weather is thriving to eradicate everything on the earth. It is an alarming situation for human beings as it is a matter of survival. Strong measures to eradicate global warming reasons are required.
How to tackle global warming?
States and individuals are taking serious actions to eliminate the causes of global warming. Some of them are spreading up awareness, cleaning and greening the environment, buying energy-efficient appliances, reducing water wastage, powering the home with renewable energy, and buying fuel-efficient vehicles. These measures can help out to reduce and/or get rid of global warming i.e. weather change. Every one of us is suppo

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