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Effective Leadership and Equality in the Workplace (Essay Sample)


This online assignment will help prepare you for the Child Interview Paper. Please check out the Child Interview Paper instructions posted on Canvas, watch the following three videos (note: the first two are about an hour long each), and then complete the assignment below.
Interviewing Children: Getting More with Less by Thomas D. Lyon:
Forensic child interviewing technique with Dr David La Rooy:
Interviewing the Child Client: Approaches and Techniques for a Successful Interview:
Interview Script and Plan for Child Interview. In preparation for the Child Interview Paper, each student will write a scriipt to interview a child (age 7 or younger) and his/her plan to conduct the interview (e.g., who they are interviewing, how they are explaining the project to the parent, where they will conduct the interview). The interview is to be on a topic of the students choosing (e.g., birthday traditions, holiday celebrations, favorite activities), but CANNOT be on child maltreatment. The Interview Script and Plan should both be included. The plan will include examples of questions you intend to use in the interview. The scriipt must include how you plan to conduct your interview with the child. You may add anything else you feel will make a quality interview.
Make sure to read the CHILD INTERVIEW GUIDE (Links to an external site.) front to back before beginning or you are going to be confused!! There are really clear instructions, and examples of all of the different types of questions I am looking for. I also recommend that you
Please note that you can't write about the response of the child because you haven't conducted the interview yet, this is supposed to be you planning the interview. You will talk about your plan, and write out the questions you will use; then AFTER THE PLAN HAS BEEN SUBMITTED AND APPROVED, you will use this plan/scriipt to conduct the actual interview; and after THAT you will write a paper about it, which could include the response of the child to your interviewing techniques. YOUR GRADE ON THIS ASSIGNMENT INDICATES THAT YOUR PLAN HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE INSTRUCTOR. Please look for instructor feedback in addition to the recommendations from our peers in the response posts.
The following must be included:
(1) Preparing for the Interview: Student articulates carefully considering age, development, special needs, and formulated transition questions. Student explains who they are interviewing, how they are explaining the project to the parent, where they will conduct the interview. Review the child interview guide and discuss how you have prepared and will prepare for the interview. Talk about all of the content there that is relevant to the child you are interviewing.


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An individual’s ability to find meaning in difficult situations and to learn from difficult situations are two of the most reliable indications and predictors of outstanding leadership in the Harvard Business Review Article Crucible of Leadership. A person must go through a crucible experience to become a better leader. (Bennis et al., 2020). In this case, the only way to grow as a leader and become a better person is to test yourself and see how far you can push yourself. These life-or-death situations, regardless of age, can be severe, stressful, and unexpected. They improved as leaders as a result of overcoming the obstacle. It covers a wide range of themes related to the management and behavior of organizations in Crucibles of Leadership. Throughout their analysis of many scenarios that managers and other leaders face, the authors acknowledge various points of view. These authors underline the importance of some aspects and ideas to get the most out of others and increase leadership effectiveness among leaders.
For many, becoming a great leader is a never-ending challenge. Bennis and Thomas admit this in Crucibles of Leadership. Despite this being one of life’s unresolved issues, some people appear to be born leaders who motivate those around them effortlessly. However, this is primarily due to people’s ability to deal with various life events to develop the necessary solutions. (Singleton et al., 2019). There are several ways to cope with complex problems in management, but the ability to find real significance in the negatives outweighs them all. Those with this ability are more likely to be singled out as role models for future generations of leaders. A fantastic leader can rise beyond the difficulties that would typically cause them to crumble and give up. Bennis and Thomas use the term “crucibles” to refer to various experiences that influence leaders

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