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Mechanisms that Led to Different Evolutionary Characteristics (Essay Sample)


The theory of evolution explains how animals changed to adapt to their surroundings over time. Critically explain the process of evolution as explained by Charles Darwin in his theory. Give attention to special details in his explanation and the mechanisms that led to the different evolutionary characteristics.


Mechanisms of Mutation
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Mechanisms of Mutation
Evolution refers to the change in the traits and characteristics of a species over several generations. The theory of evolution suggests that all species were initially related and changed over time. Several mechanisms describe how evolution occurs, one of them being natural selection. According to natural selection, organisms evolve and get beneficial adaptations that give them a better chance at survival than the weak ones that die off. The other mechanisms of evolution are explained below:
Mutation refers to a random change in the DNA sequence that alters the genetic message carried off to the offspring by the gene. Mutations can be spontaneous or caused by exposure to toxic chemicals called 

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