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Definition and Philosophy of the Zero Waste Eco-Trend (Essay Sample)


zero waste is a set of activities aimed at minimizing the amount of garbage through the reusable use of objects and things. the first paragraph is about definition, the second one is about The solution change the situation and the last one about its supporting of the philosophy. the essay has in-text citation.


Zero Waste
Zero Waste is a famous eco-trend that involves to decreasing the amount of waste produced by our household. This approach not only helps to restrain the growth of stocks and landfills, save resources but also reduces the amount of rubbish and unnecessary things in the living space. Everyone can change the world making it pure and safe. Sounds quite complicated. However, is it possible in practice?
The definition of Zero Waste
No doubt, environmental problems start with overconsumption. The environmental activist, author and motivational speaker Bea Johnson writes: “refuse what you do not need; reduce what you do need; reuse what you consume; recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse; and rot (compost) the rest.” She also proved with

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