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Environmental Conservation and Advocacy in the Selected Poems of Mary Oliver (Essay Sample)


The essay is a book review and reflection on a selection of poems by renowned poet Mary Oliver in her book "Devotions" concerning environmental conservation and advocacy. Mary Oliver's selections of poems are nature-inspired, culminating from her love of nature walks and her deep connection with nature since she was a young girl. Although the poems are mainly for enjoyment and written for all audiences, they seem to make us more environmentally aware by living thoughtfully, purposefully, and honoring our environment. in the poem "On Meditating, Sort of," she draws an interconnectedness of humans and the environment when she speaks of being part earth and part water. This brings to the fore that destroying the environment will eventually destroy us. For example, deforestation, carbon emissions, and environmental degradation have brought about climate change leading to devastating tsunamis, hurricanes, and adverse weather conditions, not to mention droughts and desertification. This is also depicted in their poem "From This River When I Was a Child I Used to Drink," as she grieves the now dying and drying up river. Although the poems were for enjoyment, they address environmental issues like loss of biodiversity, environmental degradation, and ecological ethics. They also support environmental advocacy and justice by including ecosystem preservation when planning for human development. Thus, the poems' are important in addressing environmental issues and promoting advocacy and activism to preserve and reclaim the ecosystem.


The Book “Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver” and Environmental Studies
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The book “Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver” a beautiful collection of nature-inspired poems is a masterpiece from the famous and beloved poet, late Mary Oliver. Her love for nature walks and her deep connection with nature from a tender age was the culmination of the poems that she wrote while experiencing nature. Immersing myself in the poems was the most profound of experiences, absorbing her fascination with the mystery and depth of the natural world. It reminded me of the experiences I had when I visited my grandparents' farm in the countryside when I was much younger when civilization was miles away. When there were forests with wild indigenous trees that were hundreds of years old and were teeming with wildlife and birds. Exploring her poems I could connect her experiences with mine out in the wilderness and relate to the gift of nature that keeps giving. Her poems got me reflecting on how much the world has changed and just like my experiences when I was younger the environment is no longer as enchanting. This book of poems is a reminder of how human activities have changed the environment. Drawing from her experiences and the present world, thus a platform for environmental advocacy and activism toward nature conservation and preservation efforts.

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