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Why Plastic Consumption Should Be Limited (Essay Sample)


plastic consumption and production should be limited or banned since they pollute the surroundings and energy wastage. The use of plastic is defective to equate monetary values and human health, despite the economic value generated from sales and plastic production. The environment should be conserved to avoid health issues brought by plastic use and production because those industries that manufacture plastics produce toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health. The government must reduce or banned plastic use. Through government regulations, the amount of plastic disposed to the environment will reduce. Similarly, the amount of heat or energy wasted during plastic production will be conserved when the government imposes regulatory laws because plastic is energy-intensive material.


Plastic Should Be Limited
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Plastic Should Be Limited
The rapid international growth of the economy and urbanization has facilitated a drastic upsurge in the consumption and production of plastic. Statistics depict that over 400 million plastic is produced annually in various industries (Dutta, 2018). Due to revolutionized technology in today's era, many people have commenced using plastic materials such as polyene bags because they are disposable once used, rather than using traditional bags. Globally, most individuals have embraced plastic use without realizing its impacts on the surroundings. The production and use of plastic have become a controversial issue. While environmentalists presuppose ways to eradicate plastics use, other people contend that plastics play a prestigious role in the economy. The literature tries to address the issues of using and producing plastic by focusing on economic and social perspectives while ignoring the ethical and environmental side of the use of plastic. The essay paper argues that plastic bags should be limited since they impose ecological challenges such as energy waste and pollution.
Firstly, plastic use should be banned because they cause environmental pollution. Various literature defines pollution as a process that involves 

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