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How the Periodic Table is Organized (Essay Sample)


This is a brief summary about the periodic table. the essay is less than 2 pages but it explores the arrangement of different elements and the rationale. I created this as a sample to show my understanding of basic science. The paper is simple, clear, elegant and evocative. These are always my guiding principles.


Lennox Mogana
Professor’s Name
How the Periodic Table is Organized
The invention of the periodic table is credited to Dmitri Mendeleev who presented his findings in 1869. To date, the table is widely acclaimed for being the most useful generalization in chemistry. In detail, the periodic table is an array of all known chemical elements organized according to their chemical properties. Specifically, the order of the elements from left to right and top to bottom follows their increasing atomic number which is also congruent with their atomic mass. 

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