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Behaviorism and Psychoanalysis (Essay Sample)


The paper was to talk about how humans interact with their environment and respond to it. Behavourism is our characteristic as humans. Behaviour changes among all humans need to be studed because it varies. pychoanalysis is conducted to come up with proper analysis of the human behaviour being studied.


Behaviorism and Psychoanalysis
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Behaviorism is a theory that argues that animal and human behavior can be described according to conditioning, with no appeal to feelings. Psychological disorders and thoughts are treated best by interfering with the behavior patterns. Treating incorporating practical application of behaviorism theory.
Psychoanalysis is both therapy and psychological theory, which purposed mental disorders treatment. It archives this through investigating unconscious and conscious elements found in human mind and bringing conflicts and fears in the state of the mind conscious via techniques like free association and interpretation. Both behaviorism and psychoanalysis are schools of thought. Behaviorist believes because of external stimuli, they provide prominence of individual’s external behavior. Psychoanalysis keeps the emphasis on the centrality of the mind of humans.
Neo-behaviorist is a psychological approach influenced by logical positivism. It emphasizes the development of frameworks and comprehensive theories of behavior. They include Clark L.Tolman via empirical observation of consciousness, behavior, and mental events. Neo-Freudians were psychological thinkers who came into 

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