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Ethnicity and wellbeing of women Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


it about the effects of ethnicity on the well-being of women


Ethnicity, Health and Well-being Experiences of Women
Ethnicity is among the factors that is affecting the health and well-being of minority groups in society. It refers to the state of belonging to a particular social group that shares a common tradition or nationality (Bartley, 2016). Among the groups whose health and wellbeing experiences are affected by ethnicity in society are women. Women play a vital role in the community, thereby raising the need to improve their health and wellbeing. Women from diverse ethnic backgrounds exhibit different levels of vulnerability to disease and other health conditions. In this regard, it is critical to examine how ethnicity impacts the health and wellbeing of women in society in relation to feminism theory.
Women from different ethnic backgrounds exhibit unique health conditions for many reasons. For instance, white women might be experiencing different conditions from an African woman (Kennedy and Kennedy, 2010). Such disparities of health and wellbeing are as a result of ethnic factors that surround each one of them. Notably, there exists stereotyping against women in society. According to feminism theory, the stereotyping of women is wrong and unjustified. Feminism advocates for healthcare equality and sensitivity throughout the provision of healthcare facilities for different ethnic groups (Dyson and Brown, 2005). White women have proved to be healthier than their black counterparts, indicating that ethnicity is an essential factor in the health status of an individual. Research indicates that women have a higher morbidity rate than men, even though their mortality rate is lower than that of their male counterparts (McDonnell, Lohan, Hyde and Porter, 2009). The life expectancy of white women is slightly higher than that of black women. For instance, between the year 2001 and 2011, there were more Pakistan and Bangladesh women who succumbed as a result of health issues as compared to white women. This is an indication of the impact of ethnicity on the health and wellbeing of women in the world.

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