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Geography Agroecosystems Life Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


1) summarize at least 2 major subjects covered in the unit and identify why they are important, drawing upon material from lectures and expected readings (~ 11⁄2 pages)
2) discuss at least 3 major subjects covered in the additional reading(s) you have pursued, why they are important, and how they have deepened your understanding of material covered in the unit (~2 pages).
3) reflect on how 1 or more of the subjects covered in the unit (which don’t need to be the same ones discussed in the first section) challenge you to think about an agricultural landscape you have observed recently more critically (i.e. with attention to social and/or environmental considerations you did not previously think about) (~11⁄2 pages).


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1) Summary 2 significant subjects covered in the unit and identify why they are important
Farming in world history
The domestication of animals and plants happened around 10,000 years ago, and this shift from a hunter-gatherer society to agricultural communities affected not only the biological lives of people but social, economic, and political. The peasant farmers faced oppression given the emergence of class and division of labor(Tauger, 2013). There were defined gender roles women were left to do the housework while the men tilled the land. Agriculture also inspired war given that the population expanded and there was a need to have more arable land for grazing and farming. Therefore battle decided who had control over which territories (Tauger, 2013). The fallacy of the narrative on the history of agriculture is the lack of knowledge of how animals came to be domesticated. Agriculture pioneered the development of the state in which farming land and appropriated land to the elite leading to equality.

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