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Adopting Vegetarianism for Environmental Reasons. Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Is it possible to save the environment if all people switch to a vegetarian diet?


Adopting Vegetarianism for Environmental Reasons
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Adopting Vegetarianism for Environmental Reasons
Global warming has become a major concern due to the dangers it poses to humanity. It has resulted in the need to assess the various human activities that harm the environment and the need to stop them. Meat production for human consumption is an activity that is destructive to the environment due to the intensive use of land and water and the release of harmful gases. Crop production has not been associated with such problems, and improvements in farming methods indicate that the activity will continue to reduce any harm it causes to the environment. Thus, if all people switch to a vegetarian diet, there is a high possibility of saving the environment.
For instance, meat production is an activity that requires intensive use of land and water. First, animals feed on plants such as grain that are grown on land that could be used for farming food crops. In addition, in cases where animals can roam, they cause soil erosion through overgrazing and trampling on the existing vegetation.

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