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Where Did Global Warming Come From? Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Source of global warming


Where Did Global Warming Come From?
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Where Did Global Warming Come From?
According to Chouhan (2019), global warming results from the continued increase in environmental temperatures in the world. Over the last century, global temperatures have increased with an approximated 0.8 degrees Celsius and will continue to rise if the status quo remains (Hegerl et al.,2018). Due to the severe adverse effects of global warming, researchers have been working to find the root cause of the increasing temperatures. In light of this, human activities, solar irradiance and the greenhouse effect are the major contributors to the rising global temperatures. Therefore, in this essay, the source of global warming will be identified in light of increased solar irradiance, human activity and the greenhouse effect.
* Human Activity
Global warming comes from increased adverse human activity. Over the decades, human activities such as industrialisation and farming have contributed to global temperatures. These activities directly impact the environment through deforestation and increased emission of greenhouse gases. Global warming comes from these activities since industries contribute to increased greenhouse gas emissions and the burning of fossil fuels (Chouhan, 2019). Additionally, deforestation adds to these adverse effects by depriving the environment of trees that act as natural filters for carbon (IV) oxide. Thus, global warming comes from the interruption of the natural carbon cycle by human activities.

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