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GMO Information Disclosure to Consumers (Essay Sample)


GMO labelling


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GMO Information Disclosure to Consumers
Pro Statement: there is a necessity for advertisers to disclose information whether the food substances provided are produced using GMO technology or not. This disclosure will help the consumers to decide whether to buy the product or not. It is wrong for consumers who are against GMO technology to consume GMO products unknowingly. Thus, there is a need to label products that contain GMO produced products so that consumers may be informed enough a situation that will enhance faster decision making of consumers while shopping.
In America, the growth of food substances as well as manufacture using the GMO technology has increased at an alarming rate. Thus, labeling GMO products will increase the consumers’ confidence through letting them know the contents of the foods consumed, which in this case is the GMO produced food. In the free market economy, it is a requirement that consumers have sufficient information so as to help them make informed decisions. Thus, GMO labeling will provide information necessary for consumers to decide whether to buy food substances that are made using GMO technology for moral, ethical, personal or health reasons (Marty, 2016).
GMO labeling will enhance and give citizens the rights enjoyed by other countries. In at least 64 countries they have either stated that GMO labeling should be done or banned the act of producing using GMO technology. Canada and the USA are the only two countries that do not require GMO labeling according to their commercial laws. GMO labeling will educate consumers rather than misleading them through non- disclosure of the information, a situation that will increase the consumers’ choice. Scientifically, GMO labeling will help open new research possibilities in the field of study giving answers to scientific questions that are definitive in nature for ascertainment. This situation will only be made possible when GMO technologies are legalized, and labeling is allowed (Marty, 2016).
Con Statement: On the other hand GMO labeling may lead to a decrease in sales of GMO products, confusion among consumers and exporters, expensive litigation process or a sharp increase in the products.
GMO labeling will increase the prices of groceries and food substances as manufacturers will use money in segregation and testing of the GMO technology. Additionally, the cost of making labels may be passed down to the consumers thus increasing the cost of the products. The increased cost of the production and manufacture of GMO products may cause heavy financial burdens to small firms thus may lead to the collapse of such small firms a situation that may affect the economy negatively. Another disadvantage of GMO labeling is that it may pose expensive litigation process to producers, manufacturers and also the states.
GMO labeling would also lead to confusion among consumers for example when a product believed to be natural is considered to be GMO produced or manufactured, a situation that may lead to consumers not knowing what to believe and what not to believe. Another disadvantage is that in the case where GMO labeling is done according to states and not national standards this may lead to different GMO labels a situation that may lead to firms operating in different states adopt different GMO labels which may be expensive an...
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