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Hazard Risk Management Life Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


An analysis of various terms related to hazard risk management.


Hazard Risk Management
Hazard Risk Management
Relationship between terms
Hazards are possible or existing conditions that have the propensity to lead to a disaster. Thus, disasters are events that take place either unexpectedly or suddenly, and they disrupt normal life in the area affected. These can lead to loss or destruction of property, life, and the environment. As a result, the effects of disasters are often beyond the capacity of those affected to cope, which calls for external assistance. There are various types of natural hazards, including geological, topographical, and hydrological phenomena, and the weather. Others can be caused by systems developed by human beings such as infrastructure and transportation. Another category of hazards entails civil war, nuclear fights, and terrorism, which are founded on conflicts.
Notably, the presence of a hazard may make individuals vulnerable to it. For example, if they reside in the flood plains, they are susceptible, but if their habitations are on high ground, they are not prone to floods. In view of that, the vulnerability can be identified as an analysis of how well or how inadequately protected people are against an occurrence. Impact characterizes the evaluation of hazard influences proportionate to vulnerabilities (Aven, 2016). As illustrated in Figure 1, there are two main factors that are worth noting: the level of vulnerability and the strength of a hazard. 
Figure 1. An illustration of impact in relation to hazard and vulnerability.

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