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The North American Fast Food Industry Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Describe the status of fast food industry in North American


The North American Fast Food Industry
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The North American Fast Food Industry
Fast food can be considered as any meal that has low preparation time. A food restaurant within the industry is a type of restaurant that serves fast food and mostly has minimal table service (Namba, 2013). People tend to have a huge consideration on fast food due to the low price compared to restaurants. Due to the said reason, fast food industries have emerged in large number in North America.
During the emergence stage, industries would have emerged in large number due to changes that would create opportunities for entrepreneurs. This would cause competition between the industries thus lowering the prices to attract the customers (Lang, 2015). In this stage, no domination would have viewed in emerging industries although large markets tend to lag behind compared to small ones in entering new industries because they needed to create more certain financial returns even if it would be lower. Also, small fast food industries would have tended to rely on simpler structures thus low cost leading fast growth (Lang, 2015). Generally, North America would have been dominated by many small fast food industries. Creativity and innovation were key elements at this stage and only the hopeful and optimistic entrepreneurs would venture their dreams.

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