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Importance of Washing Hands (Essay Sample)


The essay question was: why is washing hands important?


The Importance of Washing Hands
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The Importance of Washing Hands
A significant portion of individuals who wash their hands does not use soap. Similarly, most people wash their hands in a hurry, usually leaving them half-dry. Human hands are among the most mobile parts of the body, making them convenient means of spreading germs. People frequently touch parts of their faces involuntarily and sometimes without realizing that they allow harmful microbes into their bodies. Pathogens are also transferrable through objects, such as phones, utensils, and clothes. Therefore, keeping the hands clean is a crucial way of avoiding a vast array of illnesses. In 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak changed the perception of handwashing, with multiple health and government agencies advocating for hand hygiene. Washing hands is important because it averts the spread of infectious illnesses and creates a safer working environment.
Fundamentally, proper handwashing helps combat multiple illnesses. Dirty hands harbor innumerable disease-causing microorganisms that can spread to other body parts. Gyi (2019) finds that “poor hygiene is a major risk factor for transmission of diarrhea” (p. 181). Thus, hand sanitary measures effectively prevent the contagion of bacteria and viruses that cause various illnesses. Most interventions of proper hand hygiene suggest the use of soap and water as the critical determinants of quality handwashing. Proper hand sanitation is also associated with preventing respiratory conditions, such as COVID-19 (Haque, 2020). Major 

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