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Mandatory retirement at age 65 Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Argumentative essay on the appropriateness of compulsory retirement at age 65


Heightening Dependency Costs: Compulsory Retirement at 65
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Early retirement is jittering, but compulsorily doing it at age 65 is atrocious at best. Arguments for early retirement have been anchored on health and economic reasons, both of which are plausible, but impractical. Overwhelming research evidence has shown that cognitive ability declines as one grows older – the risk of memory loss increases from age 60 (Nyberg et al., 2012). On this account, it can be deduced that retiring at age 65 is a move to counter declining productivity. Conversely, an economic perspective is that the earlier older people retire, the sooner the graduates can fill their posts. What these arguments ignore is the burden of an aging society that is entirely dependent on the pension.
Since improved living standards have resulted in increased life expectancy, early retirement is a recipe for financial crises. According to Roser (2018), life expectancy has increased rapidly from 30 years to near 70 years since the wake of the 19th century. Stopping to work that early implies that the experience these people gained for decades is rendered useless, as the young, inexperienced generation wallows in ignorance and uncertainties. As companies face a looming downturn in revenue as a result, Garza (2016) warns of a rapidly aging population that is already exerting excess pressure on health and other resources because the elderly are susceptible to numerous health conditions due to dwindling immunity.
In closing, forcing everyone to retire at 65 has far-reaching consequences. It means telling a population that

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