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The study will address an article from the following link:file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/Stephens_Kobziar%20et_al-2019-Frontiers_in_Ecology_and_the_Environment%20East-West%20Birds.pdf
This study addresses "meeting dual goals conservation of fire-dependent ecosystem and the populations of (endangered species) that requires the development of dynamic, landscape-level habitat plans based on difficult tradeoff decisions”. Even though, the US endangered species act (ESA) protects the life of birds due to their influence in forest and fire management within the US. Endangered Species Act (ESA) and fire management are responsibilities that involve ecology that dictates conservation goals of specific species at risk, how fire affects the habitat of a specific species? What is the main cause of the fire outbreak? And again the scale in which the impact is received? Therefore, the ESA may be used in justifying fire suppression and also help in limiting active management (USFWS 2003). This might help policymakers in finding the solution to the problem by addressing the challenges.

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