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Advantages of Recycling Life Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


the task required involved writing an essay on the advantages or benefits of recycling.


Advantages of Recycling
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Advantages of Recycling
The advent of technology has increased the need for manufacturing electronic products across the globe. Although these devices make life simple and more manageable, they can also lead to environmental degradation if not properly managed. In this sense, the vast dumping of used materials stimulates the demand for effective waste control strategy. Recycling confers numerous advantages to the economy, such as minimizing pollution, saving energy and production costs, and promoting sustainability.
Recycling implies that production outputs, which would otherwise be categorized as waste and disposed of in the environment, can easily be reused. Imperatively, this method aids in reducing land pollution by utilizing old materials to manufacture new products. Most tech companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung, emit million tons of solid waste into the environment each year (Maletz et al., 2018). However, modern management strategies, such as recycling, play a crucial role in addressing the challenge. Failure to manage waste materials and allowing them to accumulate in landfill sites often results in environmental health problems associated with soil and water pollution. Therefore, recycling helps to mitigate any possible health hazard ensuring that the ecosystem is sanitary and healthy for life.

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