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Reasons to Limit Plastics Life Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The student was reuired to explain why the global ban of plastics is necessary. THEY WERE supposed to discuss how harzadous plastics have been to human and animal life, and the environment.


Reasons to Limit Plastics
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Reasons to Limit Plastics
The ban on plastics is necessary for the conservation of life and nature. Plastics release chemicals that are harmful to human beings, animals, and the environment in general. Their non-biodegradable nature makes their impact last for hundreds of years, continuously causing air, land, and water pollution. Measures to control their harmful effects have not solved the problem at hand. It is, therefore, essential to investigate the need for their permanent ban.
Firstly, plastics pose a risk to human health. Their wide production leads to the release of toxic chemicals that are harmful to man. Scholarly research lists plastic bags as one of the most perilous “silent killers in the current world” (Cote, 2019). The harmful chemicals emitted during the production of plastic are hazardous to the human body in various ways. For instance, small plastics that are either inhaled or induced into the body could result in fatal diseases such as inflammation among others. Anything that puts the lives of human beings at stake should be obliterated. There will be no one left to conserve the environment if plastics sweet human beings out of existence.

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